2017 Knight of the Year

Pope Pius XII Council is pleased to announce that James O’Brien is our 2017 Knight of the Year! The award was presented to him during our Council’s 60th Anniversary Dinner on September 24th, 2017. Congratulations Jim!

Below is the speech for the award presentation given by our Grand Knight Albert Clancy:

“In selecting the Knight of the Year, one normally looks for an individual who has had a tremendous impact on the Council’s livelihood and this year’s selection has been very tough. We have so many brothers who fit that criterion. Then the light went on and there was only one choice – Jim O’Brien. Jim has been a long-term member of the Council and for a period of time, he has been inactive. However, when he came back, he came back with a vengeance. Before his debilitating disability that caused him to step down from the Chancellor position under Past Grand Knight Doug Gondek, he brought us the monthly casino bus trips, which has been very profitable for the Council and he still continues to chair. The notion “out of sight out of mind” definitely does not apply to Jim. When you talk to him either on the phone or in person, he is always thinking about ways to improve the Council. If he is healthy and able, he would have made a fine Grand Knight. Please welcome the 2017 Knight of the Year – James O’Brien.”